SHED Senior Citizens Home

SHED Senior Citizens Home

A Shelter Home for Senior Citizens (Male / Female)

SPONSOR For only Rs. 8500/- per month They receive Accommodation, Food, Clothes, Medical etc.

A Non-Commercial Care Centre
SHED Senior Citizens Home is a unit of SHED Homes Complex.
More than a dozen Senior citizens are enjoying Accommodation / Food / Medical Treatment, Daily Activities for Physical and Mental fitness under the supervision of affectionate social activists , health professionals and responsible staff. 100 citizens will be accommodated in the
newly constructed building with a jogging park, library and a TV lounge for their recreational entertainment. Although building is ready but furniture, equipments and ancillary
items are to be managed/arranged to make operational for 100 persons.

Donation Information

Donor Information

Info on Offline Call:

Name : Mr. Muhammad Munaf Allana
Designation : President
Phone no : +923008217617

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