“SHED Homes Complex” is a joint project of SHED Foundation and Association for the Rehabilitation of Mentally ill (ARMI).

A Shelter home for Orphan children, Senior citizens and a Care Centre for Mentally ill (adult male), here they enjoy accommodation, healthy environment and education under the supervision of affectionate educationalists, social activists, health professionals and responsible staff…
What is “SHED Homes Complex”?

It is a unit of “SHED Homes Complex” being a shelter home for Adult male suffering from mental illness. These peoples are provided accommodation, healthy environment, counseling under the supervision of dedicated medical professionals.
Presently more than 90 mentally retarded /chalenged people are being looked after.
The space capacity has been raised for about 200 patients in the newly constructed building.
Furniture, equipments and ancillary…


SHED Senior Citizens Home is a unit of SHED Homes Complex.
More than a dozen Senior citizens are enjoying Accommodation / Food / Medical Treatment, Daily Activities for Physical and Mental fitness under the supervision of affectionate social activists , health professionals and responsible staff. 100 citizens will be accommodated in the
newly constructed building with a jogging park….

SHED Senior Citizens Home

MAYYAT BUS SERVICE (Coffine Carrier)
KA’FAN (Shroud) SERVICE ( Free for Needy )
GOATS for “Sadqa & Aqiqa” SERVICE

Other Social Services

  1. To establish quality Education Centres in Low – Income areas on non-commercial Basis to make Education Affordable.
  2.  To provide a challenging educational program based on true Islamic Spirit.
  3. To enlighten the torch of the Prophet’s Love( ) in the heart of each student.
  4. To promote the intellectual curiosity.
  5. To develop the potential of students by encouraging them to participate in a diverse and full range of school activities.

CARE School System

More than 100 Children are enjoying the facilities in newly constructed hostel
building, Capacity of the hostel is to accommodate 300 Children…..

SHED Children Home