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شکوہء ظلمت شب سے تو کہیں اچھا ہے
اپنے حصے کی کوئی شمع جلاتے جائیں


To Support deserving fellows in the areas of Health & Education.

Education and Health sectors have been neglected severely in our country, this negligence affected our social ethics and temperament negatively. Despite a number of active NGOs working in these two sectors, more endeavours are very much required as we see more problems and many new issues rising every day.
In order to focus on education and health problems of children in our country, the members of SHED, who have a vast experience in social welfare, laid SHED Foundation which is duly registered under Joint Stock Companies Sindh; Act XXI of 1860. And its registration no. is KAR. NO 0144.
All Donations are Exempted from income tax Under Section 2(36) (C) of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001 vide letter No. 2198/2011-12 – Dated 14/02/2012

SHED Foundation is a not-for-profit and non-governmental organization consisting of a group of like minded individuals formally joined hands to form the SHED Foundation for the eradication of illiteracy and poor health facility in Low-income areas and poor communities. Since its inception it is working for the promotion of basic health and primary education. It was founded in 2008 with the aim of providing basic health facilities and educating non-affording children especially. SHED also promotes the health and education of girls,as health and education empowers women to break the cycle of poverty and gives them a voice in the in future. SHED Foundation has been established with the vision of reaching out to the children of under privileged areas and enabling them to join the mainstream of the society. SHED Foundation was registered in 2011 under the society registration Act 1860 (Kar/144) as a welfare organization.

What we are Doing

SHED Foundation is running following Projects / Programmes in Karachi.

SHED Children Home North Karachi; A Sanctuary for Orphan and Helpless Children
Gosha-e-Aafyat North Karachi; A Care Centre for Mentally Ill (Adult Male)
SHED Senior Citizens Home North Karachi.
SHED Medical Centre & Maternity Home Baldia Town no.4
CARE School System Shah Faisal Colony 3 & 4
Lateef Public School,Surjani Town Phase 2 Karachi.
Mayyat Bus Service.
Ka’fan (Shroud) Service ( Free for Needy )
Goats for “Sadqa & Aqiqa” Service.
Emergency Relief work.

Future Plan

To establish a chain / net work of School System in Low-income Areas of Karachi.

At SHED Homes Complex North Karachi.
50,beded Hospital and Diagnostic Centre,fully equipped with Latest equipments.

A Rehabilition and Research Centre for Mently ill (adult male),affiliated with a well reputed institute.

A Rehabilitation Centre for mently retarted children,Supervised by Special Education Consultant of KU
A Care Centre for Male Senior Citizens.

A Model School and Hostel for Boys with modern facilities under CARE School System.

A Vocational Training institute,Supervised by a recognized institute.

Ambulance and Mayat Bus Service.

Establishment of a Shelter home for helpless Women is also a part of our future Plan.

SHED Foundation worked outstandingly in the recent flood in Sindh and Baluchistan.
The Foundation rendered Medical services and provided cash,ration,cooked food,clothes
and meat to the victims costing 7 million PKR.
We are hopeful that your cooperation will always be with us.
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